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If you don't wish to read through the description, you can get an overview of my work through a nice little document I have attached at the end.

Over the course of my four years of college and the professional career thereafter, I have indulged in works of vastly different domains. I'm a passionate gift-maker and I like to make technologically hardwired presents. Thus, most of my works are personally customized for people I'm grateful to. Being an autodidact, I believe any skill can be acquired if you just put your damn time in it. Interest is a mere catalyst.

I have divided my works in following categories along with corresponding timelines. Feel free to skip to the section which interest you -


  • Turbulent Combustion & Spray Research Laboratory | Dept. of Aerospace Engineering, IISc. Bangalore (May 2019 - Present)

    Working under the guidance of Prof. S. Chaudhuri.

Industrial Design

  • Arduino Based Mechanical YouTube Subscribers Count | Self (ongoing)

    Building a block-sized subscribers counter for my YouTube channel. Number is displayed via flipping strips. Currently working on optimizing the number of actuators. Also working on block to block communication to display larger number. Updates to be uploaded soon.

  • Medbuzz - Personalized Healthcare Monitoring for Geriatrics | CfHE, IITH (Sep. 2016 - Apr. 2017)

    In my final year, I worked as a design engineer in Center for Healthcare Entrepreneurship, IITH. There I learned about 'Human Centered Design' approach following the Stanford-India BioDesign process. I was a part of early NeMo.Care Wellness team. This was one of the spin-off projects initiated at Start-up Weekend Hyderabad. The product is a smart wearable to be worn by olderly population which regularly monitor their vital health parameters and also notifies in case of fall detection. Felicitated by Dr. Reddy’s Lab for the same. Read my blog post here.

  • UV-DLP Based 3D Printer | DreamsInfinity | Delhi (May 2015 - July 2015)

    Designed & developed a commercial 3D printer for a budding Delhi-based Startup. Minimized prototyping cost by indigenous manufacturing and in-house resin preparation. Wrote the Arduino code base for printing logic in conjunction with customized open-source 3D printing software, Creation Workshop. Read the blog post here.

  • Mechanically Automated Periodic Garden Watering System | IITH (Aug 2014 - Nov 2014)

    Built a mechanically-automated device that addresses the problem of periodically watering plants in absence of caretaker. Designed & 3D printed worm gear assembly for actuator speed reduction at end effector. Find my report here.


  • Terminal Automation System for POL Locations | Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd. | Siliguri, Balasore (June 2017 - Aug. 2018)

    Worked on TAS (Terminal Automation System), safety systems, equipment testing & maintenance related to handling of Class A inflammable products. Managerial responsibilities include product dispatch planning, gantry & wagon operations, audit compliance inline with OISD & MBLR guidelines.

  • Dynamic Modeling Of 3-Axis Gimbal for Smartphone Stabilization | IITH (Jan 2017 - Apr 2017)

    Since most of my videos are shot on mobile, I needed a handy solution for stabilization. Smartphones with optical or electronic stabilization are there but they are few. Also, their use induce jitter in the final footage. I worked on modeling and prototyping a gimbal for all 3-axis stabilization in the likes of DJI Osmo Mobile & Zhiyun Crane. See my presentation here. Earlier, I had built Cinepad v1.0 which was basically a linear slider which allowed both translational & rotational DOF for camera movement. Shot a lot of my early YouTube through this.

  • Probing The Survival of Aquatic Ectotherms in Extreme Seasons | IITH (Aug 2015 - Nov 2015)

    Analytical & CFD analysis of ice formation in lakes during winter and thermal stratification during summer. Modeled lake in ICEM-CFD and studied effect of meshing parameters on final solution using ANSYS-FLUENT. See my presentation here.

  • IIT Hyderabad Student Satellite Project (Aug 2014 - Apr 2015)

    Core member of Attitude Determination & Control Subsystem. Worked on feasibility study of magnetic torquers, reaction wheel, RCS thrusters, sun & star sensors. Did literature study on payload selection. Head of web team for the same. See my reports here.

Internet of Things

  • IBM Drone Hackathon | Nvision, IITH (Jan 2016)

    Built a remote threat detection module for drones. Read my blog post here.

  • IBM IoT Hackathon | Bluemix Platform | ELAN, IITH (Jan 2015)

    Built a bus-tracking app. Find my certificate here.


  • Humour Me Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India (Feb 2019 - Apr 2019)

    I work as a post-production intern at Humour Me which is a media agnostic based in Delhi. It aims to create brand awareness through compelling storytelling. Along with in-house micro contents, I also edit videos for different brands for their social media platforms. Find my work here.

  • I write, shoot and edit all my videos. Visit my YouTube channel - OrangeDurito Productions (Oct 2016 - Present)

Web Development

  • Triplou - Handpicked Experiential Stays, Adventures & Activities (Sep 2018 - present)

    Co-founded this 360-degree travel experience platform with my friend. Mainly handled product development and graphic design for social media marketing. Currently operational in West Bengal, Sikkim & Himachal Pradesh. Visit to book your trip today.

  • Personal Website Design (Aug 2015 - present)

    I always keep my websites updated with latest projects and blogs. My personal website has been entirely hand-coded by me. This techblog is built using Pelican static site generator which is based on Python framework. All the articles and pages have been written in markdown which is then converted into corresponding HTML. For custom formatting, I have embedded my own HTML and CSS wherever required.

  • Web Coordinator, Sunshine | Councelling Cell, IITH (Aug 2016 - Apr 2017)

    Worked as a web coordinator for councelling cell of my college. My work included updating the site after every event, designing new pages and uploading the details of new mentors of that academic session. Visit the site here - Sunshine IIT Hyderabad

  • Web Coordinator, Nvision | Technical Fest, IITH (May 2015 - Jan 2016)

    Managed the online reach of our technical fest. Built beta website, main website, events and workshop websites. 45k+ hits and 230% increase over the past year. Visit the website here -

  • IITH Library Website Update (Aug 2015 - Nov 2015)

    Took this project out of my sheer interest to work with Content Management System. This was my first time working with Drupal. Responsible for developing full fledged library website with added features and better browsing experience. Visit website here - IITH Library

  • Unigem Technolgy Pvt. Ltd. | Delhi (Jan 2015 - Apr 2015)

    This was an early stage startup named '11estates' trying to break into online learning and medical prescription space. I developed the front end for two of their upcoming products namely HackNinjas & DoctorsNow.

Graphic Design

  • Extra Mural Lectures | IITH (Aug 2015 - Apr 2016)

    Core member of the organizing team. It hosts inspiration lecturs by various dignitaries. I designed the logo, event posters & online flyers for social media.

Creative Writing


I'm a huge bibliophile and I read everything that I can lay my hands on.