Tryst With Space

Posted on Tue 07 August 2018 in Tech • Tagged with Space, Astronomy, CosmologyLeave a comment

My fascination with space and where it leads me to

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Pelican MathJax Issue

Posted on Tue 17 July 2018 in github • Tagged with github, features, markdown, pelicanLeave a comment

Solution for pelican MathJax issue for version 3.6.3 and earlier

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Big Automation Goofups

Posted on Tue 20 March 2018 in miscLeave a comment

During my tenure of little more than one year, I had the occassions when I had to solve major automation issues without much external support besides regular preventive maintenance. I will recount few of my experiences here through the mails I had written about them to the higher authorities.

Date …

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A Sport Called Passion

Posted on Tue 16 January 2018 in Life • Tagged with Events, PassionLeave a comment

A letter to my brother on his birthday

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Beauty Of Mathematics

Posted on Thu 14 December 2017 in Mathematics • Tagged with science, creativity, exploration, funLeave a comment

My fascination for mathematical concepts and the simple beauty hidden underneath.

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Movie Editing Softwares | Technical Learning

Posted on Thu 17 November 2016 in learning, art, cinematography • Tagged with shortfilm, refaire, editing, softwareLeave a comment

A documentation of my technical learning while movie editing

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Qualcomm Session | Camera, Processor, FastCV

Posted on Thu 20 October 2016 in IITH Events • Tagged with Events, PresentationLeave a comment

Overview of the two day session on 'Camera' & 'Computer Vision' by Qualcomm Multimedia team

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Ask Permission To Save Image | Javascript

Posted on Fri 07 October 2016 in random • Tagged with settings, javascript, webLeave a comment

How to trigger dialog box when someone right clicks on your copyrighted image and tries to save it.

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Posted on Mon 19 September 2016 in random • Tagged with features, trial, connectednessLeave a comment

Embedding window on my site

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IITH Motorsports | BAJA Design Presentation

Posted on Fri 15 July 2016 in IITH Events • Tagged with Events, Presentation, CompetitionLeave a comment

BAJA 2016-17 design review by IITH Motorsports Team

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