About me

Hi there! This is Chandan Sinha. I'm an engineer who fell in love with design, art and all things creative. I graduated in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Hyderabad in Aug, 2017. Growing up in a distant countryside surrounded by coal mines, I got to see fascinating machineries on a daily basis. This sparked my eternal interest in them. I'm an aspiring industrial designer and a passionate film-maker. I harbour a lot of interests but I'm constantly trying to narrow things down for specialization.

I started this Techblog back in 2016 to account my journey as an engineer. I've always been fumbling with things to understand their intricate mechanisms. My academic coursework gave me an early exposure to the world of scientific research but I found it to be bounding. Hence, I embarked on a journey to learn things on my own. I love discussions, so feel free to drop me a message or just say hi!

You can also reach out to me through mail at me13b1009@iith.ac.in or any of the website I've linked to this blog.

My Appreciation List -

Some of the people I look forward to - Elon Musk, Rory Kramer, Peter McKinnon
Lessons of life - BrainPickings & ZenPencils
Music - Illenium
Comedy - Bill Burr, SNL
Author - Ilah (Young Adult Old Soul)

I am always in search for new music. So, I maintain a pretty cool YouTube playlist of my favourite findings - My favourite songs