About me

Hi there! This is Chandan Sinha. I graduated in Mechanical Engineering (Hons.) from IIT Hyderabad in 2017. Growing up in countryside tells the tale of my humble beginning. I'm an aspiring Product Designer and a passionate film-maker, thus my work is an infusion of engineering and creativity.

I started this Techblog back in 2016 to account my journey as an Engineer. Everywhere we see, we are surrounded my technology. There are dire problems to solve. I've always been fumbling with equipments to understand their intricate mechanisms. My academic coursework gave me an exposure to the world of scientific research. Though I found it to be bounding, it paved my path to learning anything I set my mind on. I'm an audodidact for the most part who is in love with everything science & technology.

I love discussions, so feel free to drop a message or just say 'Hi!'. You can reach out through the links mentioned under 'Contact' section.

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