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Tryst With Space

Author's Note - I maintain a fantastic playlist of fascinating space videos curated from obscure corners of YouTube - OrangeDurito Space

For over a month now, I have been continuously watching space-related videos - rocket launches (tons of them), space shuttles, ISS, Mars Rovers, Solar Probe, astronauts interviews, explanation videos  - I watched it all. 

I found my curiosity subconsciously tickled after imagining this - three men in the most dangerous mission in history, sat on a 110m giant rocket powered with tons of explosive beneath them only to be launched indefinitely far from all humanity. I was putting myself in that place and was trying to get into their mindset. Immediately I went outside, glanced at the moon and tried to soak in my awakened realization. Those Saturn V launch footage looked massively daunting but it put humans on moon in 1969.   As much as I'm interested in technical aspect of space flight, I also wanted to know the psychological side of it. I just couldn't fathom someone living that far away from their loved ones, alone, floating in an alien place. I wanted to know how astronauts prepared themselves mentally for this ambitious work. How did it emotionally affect them? Of all my searches, this series by 'TIME' is the absolute best & the most profound piece I found.

It wonderfully captured the psychological side of 'One Year In Space' mission. This is exactly what I needed.

Here's one awesome blog which talks about niche space-program stuffs that few people know about -

Update 20/05/2021 - - Tim Peake's 'Ask an Astronaut' is a fantastic insight into the nitty-gritty details of human spaceflight within the Low-Earth Orbit. His anecdotes are filled with particulars which remain elusive from a public broadcast.

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