An amalgamation of engineering and artistry

Nightmeals - A Journey Through Pictures

Initial Sketches (Pen and Paper)

Initial Sketch 1 Initial Sketch 2 Initial Sketch 3 Initial Sketch 4


Initial Mockups (Photoshop)

Initial Mockups 1 Initial Mockups 2 Initial Mockups 3 Initial Mockups 4 Initial Mockups 5 Initial Mockups 6

Initial Coded Layouts (Android Studio)

Initial Layout 1 Initial Layout 2 Initial Layout 3

The Fun We Had

Late Night Coding 1 Late Night Coding 2 Late Night Coding 3


### Features-
- Opening uncertainity - you live few blocks away and send someone to check whether the shop is open or not.
- Choice - All at one place (popular, trending today)
- Waiting - While your order is getting ready
- Accounts - Now its get digital, sorted according to shops, dates
- Packaging - its get wasted after you take out the commodities. What if we can use it as decorative item or something
- Move to a new place, app will be able to search for nearest authorized stores

### Further work-
- Location based search - type item and see whichever shop has it or choose shop and see the menu.
- Get your order packed and put into a smart box.
- Logistics - vending machine with packaged commodities equipped with rfid tag or sorted out. 
- A unique code is generated with your order and that also resides into the tag. Type that code and your order comes
- Offline notification (messaging service)
- Nutritional information about the food being consumed (personlized)

- Add cancel button from vendor side in case of emergency

- Automatic Vending Machine