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Recently my first shortfilm Refaire was released on Youtube on my channel.

It is very special to me as it marks my debut in proper storytelling. While making this movie, I learnt a lot of things and it was a wonderful experience in its entirety. In this post I would document some of the things I learnt while editing this movie in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

It took me 50+ hours of focused work for editing and sound design.


  • It's quite important for the cuts to be consistent for visual continuity. I always took the entire scenes from scratch whenever I changed the camera angle. This gave me flexibility to choose the scenes which I want to show.

  • Always have intermediary scenes to show between the cuts (just in case). It really helps when your actors didn't give as many takes as you wanted and you feel you might be short of clips for editing. It really helped me.


  • You can replace clips with Aftereffects composition in Premiere in Creative Suite. I really like the cross-platform functionality of Adobe CC.

  • In one particular scenes, I was shooting in twilight and it added a lot of noise in the video. Aftereffects has option to remove grains but that comprises with the focus. I wasted around 1 hours for the action to complete but when I saw the rendered footage, it was blurry. Apply it only in case of wide angles when focus doesn't matter much.

P.S - I will keep on adding more points as I recall them. Also the making video would soon be released on my channel. So stay tuned!