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Dabbling In Product Design

Owning to my recent lessons in failing, it was time for me to take a step back and work hard on my core skills. As I intend to work mainly in Product Design, the first thing that came to my mind was to refine my CAD skills even further. Thus, I set out to religiously complete all the tutorials and made myself comfortable with the software. I chose SolidWorks as I have worked on it in the past. Even though our college preferred SolidEdge for all our lab classes, I found SolidWorks to be more powerful, user-friendly and widely acceptable in Industries. It's also quite intuitive and the user-interface is convenient to navigate.

Anyway, it's been 2 months that I have been consistently designing on it. In the process, I also came up with original ideas that I am currently working on. I will update more on it the further posts. For the time being, you can find all my designs on my GrabCAD profile - Chandan Sinha GrabCAD.