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3-Axis Gimbal for Smartphone Cinematography


In the beginning of my junior year of undergrad, I decided to pursue honors in Mechanical Engineering. It entailed doing some Master's level coursework in 5th and 6th semester, along with completing an honors project by the end of our senior year. As a mini-project in my 6th semester, I had made a multi-DOF cinematography pod for 'CinePad' which used a linear slider with mike stand and gooseneck mobile holder for smooth smartphone cinematography.

For Cinepad 2.0, I decided to extend it to a 3-axis camera gimbal for smartphones as the honors project. I aimed to come up with a system for counterbalancing any perturbations, induced due to walking or irregular terrains, through active stabilization for better hand-held cinematography. It involved mechanical modelling, forward kinematics, and dynamic characterization of the gimbal along with control system design in MATLAB Simulink.